Peter-Service and Rostelecom complete a big data project

Rostelecom invited Peter-Service to build an analytical data storage. The main task of the data storage is to process data from Rostelecom’s interconnect system and provide analytical reports, helping the telecom operator make strategic decisions on how to develop its voice service offerings in the B2B, B2C and B2O segments.

Voice traffic remains an important part of Rostelecom’s business, with outgoing and incoming calls to and from numbers served by other network operators accounting for a considerable portion of it. Since 2014 Rostelecom has been using PETER-SERVICE ITC, a centralized solution delivered by Peter-Service, to handle interconnect settlement with other operators. The newly deployed analytical data storage will receive and process data from ITC, with total monthly input averaging over 10 billion records.

Rostelecom’s strategy is to adopt a segment-based management model. To implement it, the operator needs to split its traffic into segments based on subscriber number types. Until 2016, the entire interconnect traffic had been classified as B2O (Business-to-Operator) only. With the data storage launched, it became possible to classify traffic into three segments − B2B, B2C and B2O − as required by Rostelecom’s current corporate accounting practices and calculate service margins for each segment with a considerable degree of precision both by region and by call interconnection level (local, national, international).

“We now have a flexible tool that allows us to analyze traffic in many different ways, which is something we need to do to implement a segment-based management model as part of our new strategy,” said Natalia Kryuchkova, Wholesale Business Director at Rostelecom. “The analytical data storage will allow us to reduce reporting time, facilitate budgeting, help streamline our international call tariff policies and, as a result, improve Rostelecom’s performance in dealing with other carriers.”

The data storage was built by Peter-Service, a long-standing supplier of interconnect solutions to Rostelecom. The system became part of Rostelecom’s big data platform; the architecture of the solution enabled seamless integration into the operator’s unified enterprise data storage.

“Telecom operators have been focused on building analytical data storages for the last few years, but now, with operators’ interest in big data growing rapidly, the task is becoming even more relevant,” said Igor Gorkov, Peter-Service’s Managing Director. “The revenue share of voice services has been declining in recent years, and in-depth traffic analysis is becoming increasingly important. Empowered by big data approaches, operators can not only better control their revenue and cost streams relating to on-network, interconnect or roaming traffic but also make better decisions about how to develop their business in those areas.”