Advice of Charge
Advice of Charge (AOC) is a powerful tool that allows subscribers to get notifications of data usage charges, suspension of access to the network or individual resources, new offers and promotions as well as to manage their accounts.

AOC is a standalone product for communicating information to subscribers in an interactive manner across a variety of channels (links, interactive pages); it is designed to support subscriber services associated with PCC, HTTP and internet as part of a PCRF solution. In addition, the product helps strengthen subscriber loyalty through full transparency of charges.

It can be relied on to ensure compliance with statutory requirements regarding disclosure of charge-related information to consumers.



Data for notifications can be loaded from any number of external systems


N+1 redundancy and load balancing make the product highly reliable


Open source components and x86 architecture ensure a lower cost of ownership


The end forms that subscribers will see can be fully customized and tailored to suit the needs of a given telecom operator


  • Load balancing between servers: the business logic can be distributed between multiple modules; different groups of subscribers can be handled by different plug-ins
  • Tools for configuring the processing of subscribers’ HTTP requests
  • Support for local and external data access interfaces
  • Advanced monitoring, with data grouped by error categories and connection pools
  • Flexible subscriber data caching for load optimization in interactions with other products (like SCC)
  • Horizontal scalability to enable increased capacity through the use of multiple x86 servers
  • A single AOC server instance can serve subscribers from different branches, which helps reduce the number of installations and the total number of individual servers