Customer Inspiration System
CIS is a family of software products that implement sales acceleration and loyalty management tools.

Fierce competition in the commutations sector and mobile market saturation make it critical for telecom operators to retain existing subscribers, ensure their loyalty and encourage them to use additional services.

The CIS group of products allows operators to set up and run both long-term loyalty programs aiming to stimulate consumption and short-term marketing campaigns intending to promote new services and target customers with advertising messages.

CIS expands telecom operators’ campaign management capabilities by enabling them to address their target audiences directly and personalize offers based on subscribers’ behavior patterns.

In addition to its core features, CIS offers some additional ones, such as incentive programs for sales staff and customer service reps. With these programs, operators can motivate their own employees and employees of their partners to activate more new subscribers and offer more additional services to existing ones.

With its flexible configuration options and impressive performance, CIS can handle huge subscriber bases measured in millions.


Marketing Campaign Management
The solution allows telecom operators to promote their products and services effectively by communicating key messages to target audiences across various channels
Incentive Program Management
The solution helps motivate employees with material incentives by linking income to performance
Loyalty Management
The solution aims to help telecom operators develop and run both long-term loyalty programs and short-term marketing campaigns



High performance for subscriber bases measured in millions


Telecom operators can set up incentive programs to match the specifics of their business processes


Easy integration with billing systems enables accumulation programs and online traffic discounts


Any loyalty program eligibility and non-eligibility criteria


Full integration with self-service systems


A variety of rewards, including ones provided by partners, that can be activated by subscribers


  • Delivery of marketing offers and promotions (advertising messages) across various channels (banners, USSD messages, etc.)
  • A range of marketing message formats (text, multimedia content)
  • Mass and targeted marketing campaigns
  • Feedback monitoring based on recording of customers’ responses to marketing offers
  • Predefined responses to subscribers’ actions (e.g. activate a product for a subscriber who has used a given service)
  • Bonus points to dealers’ employees for subscriber, service or package activations and SIM replacement operations
  • A bonus program for customer care reps
  • An accumulation program for dealers’ employees aimed to reward them for subscriber activations and additional services purchased by subscribers
  • A bonus program for corporate customers
  • A bonus program for subscribers in which they can earn bonuses by participating in marketing campaigns and partner programs or by spending (the total amount of their bills is taken into account)
  • A usage and fee accumulation program
  • A program in which subscribers’ payments are accumulated, and rewards are given once subscribers reach predefined thresholds
  • Reduced call charges for customers who make their payments on a regular basis and in a timely manner
  • A program within which subscribers can give rewards to other subscribers using the funds they have on their accounts
  • A designer of custom program that allows telecom operators to create customized loyalty programs based on a predefined set of operations
  • Operational and analytical reports for program performance evaluation