Customer Adviser
Customer Adviser is an advanced campaign management solution for real-time personalized marketing.

Fast-paced competition in most consumer markets makes it vital for businesses to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. However, bombarded with print, television, internet, telephone and other forms of advertising, today’s consumers are really overwhelmed by it, which makes it increasingly difficult to achieve the expected results with conventional marketing communications. Customer Adviser, a system for analyzing consumer behavior and preferences in real-time and targeting them with special marketing offers to ensure maximum satisfaction through addressing their actual needs, can help put things right.



A lower total cost of ownership (TCO) is achieved through reliance on open standards, open-source components and inexpensive x86 hardware


Real-time monitoring and performance evaluation tools help understand whether a given marketing policy is worth implementing


More campaigns through better communications and segment-based consumer targeting


Big data-driven analytics enable a variety of business cases aiming to maximize returns from marketing communications


  • Any marketing mechanics, including outbound, inbound, event-based and complex ones
  • A variety of communications channels, including SMS, USSD, self-service platforms, contact centers, IVR, etc.
  • Big Data analytics for high-impact campaigns
  • Real-time campaign monitoring and performance evaluation
  • A friendly interface designed specifically with marketers in mind
  • Programmatic advertising and real-time bidding (RTB) capabilities for smooth integration into the online advertising ecosystem