Mobile Application for Operations of Retail Staff
MobileRETWIN is a mobile software tool that allows telecom operators to serve their customers in off-site locations.

It can be used in crowded places with lots of customers, helping operators reduce their equipment-related costs and save money on rent while expanding their customer reach. MobileRETWIN implements typical customer care scenarios, both in brick-and-mortar and mobile offices.



The application connects to a 3G network, letting customer care and sales staff move freely and do their work in any locations


All of the most common operations in a single, easy-to-use interface: just three clicks to sell and activate a kit, activate a tariff option or service, accept a payment, etc.


Easy to enter data: the application can scan and recognize QR codes and barcodes; it has a built-in voice recognition feature that facilitates data search and manipulation


The solution runs on 7-inch or larger tablets with Android 4.1.2 or later


  • Selling of prepaid kits, registration of new customers
  • Provision of subscribers with information about their balance, spending, etc.
  • Management of subscriber services, including rate plan changes, option and service activations and deactivations, etc.
  • Recording of customers’ inquiries and requests; escalation of problems to the next level of technical support
  • Integration with an HR system for transparent and efficient employee motivation
  • A next-generation call center with zero office or logistics costs
  • Personalized marketing offers for subscribers, including big data-based scenarios (Customer Adviser)
  • Card (bank, bonus) processing via a portable card reader