Sales Force Automation & CRM
The product helps telecom operators automate sales processes in the B2B segment. SFA automatically tracks all stages of a sale, maintains contacts with customers, facilitates potential customer identification, relationship building and acquisition processes.

Sales automation involves technologies that, directly or indirectly, facilitate and improve the sales process. Indirectly – by improving sales team’s productivity; directly – by increasing team’s output in terms of sales.

Statistics show that no business can be successful without a well-thought-out and well-planned sales process. It is known that about 60% of companies which disappear during the first three years of their life fail because of a poorly managed sales process. Automation of the deal management process helps increase sales efficiency by making it easier to perform everyday tasks: no need to adhere to routine ways of working; faster exchange of data between departments; each employee involved in the process gets easy access to the information he or she may need; a shorter sales cycle as a result.

SFA supports sales and new customer acquisition processes, as well as maintains a database of potential customers, facilitating their conversion to customers. It allows corporate sales teams to shorten the sales cycle and automate most tasks.



Improved corporate sales team’s performance through a shorter sales cycle and automation of most tasks


Support for distributed organizational structures and synchronization of data on potential and existing customers between branches


Full customer visibility; access to customers’ previous sales and inquiries


Integration with other systems, such as databases, product catalogs, billing systems, specialized market and business information systems, etc.


Configurable routes; customizable business processes within the product


Access to complete and accurate information about customers and easy-to-use information management tools ensure less time to handle customer-related tasks


  • Identification and management of potential customers; classification of customers by segments
  • Management of various types of customers: potential customers, current customers, former customers
  • Automation and support of sales in a distributed network of offices; business offer drafting tools
  • An investment project evaluation system implemented as a set of automated feasibility analysis tasks
  • A product and offer catalog
  • An event calendar with automatic notifications
  • Tools to help telesales teams call potential customers and determine if they have an interest in any of the telecom operator’s services
  • Sale location tracking: this feature can be useful for office and shopping centers
  • Direct and reverse synchronization of MS Exchange contacts, meetings and tasks
  • Integration of business processes for the B2B segment of the telecommunications market
  • Support for selling of fixed and mobile communications services
  • Inter-branch request handling routes; support for large-sized corporate customers working at the national level