Customer Notification Centre
The CNC product allows telecom operators to automate notification tasks.

The IT infrastructure of a telecom operator consists of a great number of various information systems. Many of those systems need notification mechanisms to let subscribers know about some events that occur in them. Implementing a separate notification mechanism in each system inevitably leads to additional development costs. Moreover, with multiple notification mechanisms, the operator might find it difficult to maintain a unified register of notification types, implement the same message processing logic across multiple systems or manage the huge amount of vastly diverse notification flows produced by multiple information systems in a concerted and centralized manner.

Created to help telecom operators meet the need in a notification process automation tool, CNC is an all-in-one customer and subscriber notification center that implements a unified approach towards the processing of every message generated by every system within the operator’s IT infrastructure.



A single solution instance serving all branches or multiple instances at the level of individual branches


The solution helps centralize the subscriber notification process across a subscriber base of up to 100 million


With redundancy applied to critical functional units, the solution continues running even if any of the units fails


Centralized notification management; no need to duplicate the same functionality in multiple information systems


Integration with external systems is provided via a versioned public API


Maintaining and increasing subscriber loyalty with customized notification messages and self-service notification management tools


  • Provides every information system with a notification service and feedback collection tools
  • Unifies notification processing and delivery
  • A unified approach towards notification processing and storage
  • Access to every notification sent to a customer or subscriber
  • Allows for ordering notifications for information systems via a data bus
  • Automates every step of notification management flow management