Database and Process Monitoring System
A system for monitoring of databases and related processes.

DBPMS, a group of products, is a software suite for end-to-end monitoring of business-critical applications in a telecom operator’s network. The solution aims to increase the availability of services and reduce financial losses due to software failures.



A low amount of manual work during deployment thanks to preset settings


Over 100 thousand records processed and stored by the central data server per second


A documented API for interoperability with other systems


Can be used as a standalone system or together with a network equipment monitoring system


Online backup of the central server base


Recognizes and captures newly created entities in applications


  • Universal access to application monitoring parameters over SNMP
  • Settings at different levels, including calendar-based ones
  • Metrics processing and analysis
  • Deciding whether to create a notification message
  • Delivering messages to employees responsible for the respective tasks (e-mail, SMS, etc.)
  • Getting latest and historical data on monitoring parameters and notifications for building data marts
  • Assigning parameter thresholds based on a time of day, day of week, etc.
  • Creating groups of notification recipients
  • Maintaining a hierarchy of parameter dependencies; building a map of services with information about their “health”

System Development Timeline

An administrative GUI (web-based interface) was added. Rule-based data aggregation algorithms were provided to enable visual marts and dashboards. The software product was delivered to KKTCell, a Northern Cyprus subsidiary of Turkcell.
An SMS/e-mail notification module was added; monitoring agent auto-update functionality was implemented. The monitoring suite was purchased by TT Mobile (Tajikistan).
An API was developed to enable diagrams, historical data retrieval and reference information maintenance. The solution was installed at KyivStar (Ukraine).
The functionality was extended with schedule-based polling tools, thresholds and notifications in the format of SNMP traps (for an external monitoring system). A deployment project was launched in the branches of MegaFon, a leading Russian universal telecommunication service provider.
The product was created; a basic set of modules for access to application monitoring parameters was developed.