Subscriber Mobility Information Tracking Monitor
SMIT Monitor allows telecom operators to track the location of every subscriber in the network.

Geo-services, an innovative trend in mobile communications, have received much attention from governments and businesses lately. The reason why they are so relevant now is obvious: it is the explosive growth in location-aware smartphones and tablets. In the global market, the location-based service (LBS) technology has been a major development with large-scale deployments since the mid-2000s; in Russia, mobile network operators have been using it on a commercial basis since 2002.

A telecom operator can make use of subscriber location data in many ways, such as targeted location-based advertising (LBA, generating marketing offers based on subscribers’ preferences), synergy with banking services (ensuring banking service user security), network activity monitoring (M2M/IoT), geo-analytics (finding the best locations for new stores to ensure that subscribers can access them easily, etc.).

Today, such services, which complement subscriber data with geo-location information, can become a powerful marketing tool, allowing a telecom operator to boost sales as well as retain customers and increase their loyalty.



Supports network equipment from any vendors


Completely invisible to users


Moderate hardware requirements


Geo-data helps implement multiple standalone cases and enrich existing ones


High performance


The product provide high-precision geo-data that can be used to implement complex business tasks


  • Captures data from network equipment and sends it to a universal storage system (MDH)
  • Enables other applications to access data via an open API
  • Implements a great variety of custom cases as well as enhances existing ones by adding subscriber location data
  • Gathers data from standardized network protocols with deep packet inspection technology (DPI)
  • Extracts data from network signaling traffic
  • Determines the location using the data from the subscriber’s device: Netmonitor / SIM Toolkit, GPS coordinates (A-GPS)