CDR Conversion Server
The CDR server is designed to convert input data flows into structured output data by applying certain rules defined in information systems’ configuration files.

These days, quite a lot of attention is given to the problem of linking information systems powered by latest technology to equipment coming from multiple vendors. We have developed a CDR server that enables them to work together seamlessly by pre-processing input data and preparing it for rating, exporting data to other systems after transformations (e.g. intelligence systems), re-formatting data (i.e. performing back-end functions) for other systems when they cannot make the necessary transformations themselves or when it would take too much time or capacity for them to complete the task (e.g. when the server is integrated with HP IUM), etc.



Support for leading equipment vendors’ CDR formats; new CDR formats can be added easily


Advanced configuration options ensure outstanding flexibility and allow customers to adapt the product to any business tasks effectively


Integration with multiple internal information systems; after being transformed, records can be used by any number of internal systems


Open interfaces for interactions between functional components; compliance with generally accepted international standards


Horizontal scalability is achieved by simply adding new nodes to the configuration


Runs on inexpensive x86 servers; no additional licenses for any software components


  • Support for new CDR formats
  • Support for text formats (CSV and ones with fixed-length fields)
  • Support for proprietary binary formats of various kinds (Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens, Kvant-E, Huawei, Elsis, Strom, etc.)
  • Support for TAP3 files and file generated by GPRS/LTE equipment with roaming data
  • Support for ASN.1 formats (Huawei, Ericsson, Siemens, Alcatel-Lucent)
  • Configuration tools for CDR file transformations
  • Aggregation of data based on configurable parameters to reduce the load on the database
  • CDR file conversion into CSV files of a predefined structure
  • Reports on input file transformations for technical audits