Equipment Control System
HEX is an all-in-one solution that ensures reliable and continued operation of telecom equipment and software systems, including when dealing with cross-platform services, and helps improve existing services and bring new offerings to the market in a prompt and effective manner.

Today, there is a growing trend towards increasingly complex telecom services; it usually takes multiple hardware platforms and information systems to deliver them. To take on this new challenge, telecom operators, who already are overwhelmed with the variety of standards and protocols they need to support and implement, are looking for one-stop solutions that would allow them to centralize the management of their telecom equipment and software platforms, minimizing the risk of disruptions and errors in delivering both simple and complex services.

HEX is a mediation system that bridges the gap between telecom equipment (switches, access points) and service delivery platforms (voice mail, prepaid systems, PayTV platforms, any VAS platforms), on the one side, and information system that store information about service and subscriber statuses, on the other side, having them function as a single solution.

The product is used for:

  • Managing telecom equipment
  • Separating the business logic behind service management from the technical aspects of the underlying service provisioning platforms
  • Enabling the billing system to handle a service that requires multiple platforms or devices to be delivered as a single entity
  • Unifying interactions with various platforms delivering the same service



The business logic behind the management of services, including ones delivered across multiple platforms, does not depend on the composition and types of the service provisioning platforms


Advanced service management algorithmization tools


The problem of slow interfaces between billing systems and service delivery platforms is solved by increasing the number of connections


Automatic reconnection and resubmission of requests to equipment after disruptions


A powerful system that allows for creating, testing and saving equipment configurations for reusing them later


Still running even after disconnecting from one or more equipment and/or database instances


  • Support for multiple concurrently running equipment instances with automatic selection of an available one
  • Dynamic generation of a sequence of requests to equipment based on the results of previous requests and the current state of the database, subscriber attributes and other parameters
  • Creation of complex commands to manage multiple telecom services across various equipment instances (cross-platform services)
  • Easy-to-use visual administrative interface with flexible service management configuration options
  • Command execution monitoring, troubleshooting and tracing
  • Built-in high availability (redundancy, hardware-level failover tools)