Product & Service Catalog
PSC is a software product designed to automate the telecom operators’ business processes related to product line management and handling of tariff information in billing systems, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency.

The first thing subscribers expect from their telecom operator is a high quality of service and a comprehensive product range to meet their actual needs. However, at some point, the variety of available services, rate plans and options may become a problem, making it extremely difficult for the operator to track and manage the lifecycle of each product offering.

This may result in not only service disruptions but also financial loss due to inevitable problems at the pricing stage in product lifecycle management. Given these risks, if operators want to increase or at least keep their revenues, they need to ensure that product and service lifecycles are managed in the most efficient manner.

PSC is a master system that allows a telecom operator to:

  • Streamline the product line management processes in no time
  • Reduce product lifecycle management costs
  • Maintain subscriber loyalty
  • Reduce time-to-market and ensure rapid introduction into the market of new product offerings

PSC helps simplify the product line, lower solution development costs and reduce the overall price through simple management mechanisms and a flexible system of classifications and references.



Tools for creating and reusing products and services for product offerings


Boosting sales with cross-selling and up-selling; extending product offerings for various subscriber groups


Product management processes in a friendly interface that synchronizes data across the operator’s systems


Defining charging policies at the level of individual product offerings and services; region-based charging; centralized change management


Publishing product data in other systems, such as billing, CRM, financial accounting, self-service, NRI systems, etc.


Role-based approach towards product offering management (marketers, IT specialists), which allows for more cohesive product lifecycle management


  • Generation and storage of general marketing product descriptions
  • Implementation fine-tuning
  • Tariff analysis and comparison tools
  • Customizable summary product information in a single window
  • Advanced search and filtering options
  • Reference data control