Revenue Management System
RMS is an essential tool designed to automate the entire range of business processes involved in outstanding and overdue receivables management, helping to reduce overdue receivables and proactively prevent receivables from becoming past due.

The solution provides an all-in-one user interface for building flexible receivables management business processes. It can be used by network operators (mobile, fixed, convergent), service providers (energy sales companies, management companies in the housing and public utilities sector, water utilities, etc.), banks, insurance companies, government agencies (taxes and levies, penalties) and debt negotiation and settlement businesses (collection agencies, consultancies providing legal services, etc.).



Credit risk reduction through higher accounts receivable turnover rates


A transparent and manageable debt collection process


Prompt decision-making and close control over the effectiveness of measures taken


Integration with various automated accounting systems


Easy to scale the volume of data under processing


Measure effectiveness analysis and collection scoring


  • Support for the business processes associated with the collection of accounts receivables through a range of debt prevention and reduction measures
  • Management of the accumulated debt of multiple customers associated with the same person
  • Separate recovery of balance-sheet and off-balance-sheet (penalties, damages) debt
  • Interaction with external systems via adapters (voice notification systems, mailing, printing, service management systems, etc.)
  • Any number of new adapters
  • A wide range of security and access control features and tools
  • Support for the business processes associated with the recovery of debt through court action
  • Preparation of documents for submission to court
  • Preparation of data for debt write-offs (bad debt, based on a court decision or for other reasons)
  • Flexible scorecard building algorithms based on the results of a scoring analysis done upon the application of some measures
  • Analytical reports that identify customers and services representing the greatest risk in terms of receivables growth
  • Prompt exchange of data with the billing system, providing synchronization of key customer attributes, accounts receivables data and changes
  • A web-based interface for analysis, monitoring and application of measures in manual mode and distribution of tasks between credit department employees