Universal Billing System
UBS makes billing easy in any industry, such as telecommunications, cloud services or utilities.

Designed specifically to carry out one task, UBS is very effective at billing. The main purpose of the solution is to provide quick information about the current balance by account number, keep information about payments and charges, aggregate data, prepare data for customer bills and tax or accounting reports.

The product is implemented as a permanently running service that:

  • Enables customer/partner settlement (via accounts)
  • Calculates the current balance for each account
  • Generates recurring and one-time bills
  • Collects data and generates consolidated reports for reconciliation purposes
  • Generates trial balances with debit and credit subtotals for the entire system or a given account



Quick to integrate, modify and adapt to new business cases; easy to deploy in a non-telecom setting

Cost Reduction

Open source components and horizontal scalability ensure lower license and hardware costs


Easy infrastructure upgrades enabled by a platform-agnostic and database-agnostic implementation that uses public protocols and formats (JSON, XML)


  • Automates customer/partner profile and account setup and maintenance (API)
  • Receives transactions from multiple external systems, classifies them and applies to accounts
  • Allows for combining multiple accounts on a bill and defining rules for aggregating transactions in bill items
  • Provides control over balance calculations with the help of a real-time service management system (when it is integrated with such a system)
  • Notifies the real-time system of any discrepancies it finds
  • Issues bills to customers and partners on a scheduled or on-demand basis as part of customer or partner settlement
  • Calculates the current balance for each account
  • Generates reports on transactions (payments and charges) that offset each other based on configurable rules and priorities
  • Generates bills and detailed transaction reports for a given billing period
  • Makes calculations for financial and tax end-of-period reports
  • Provides data reconciliations with external systems
  • Generates trial balances with credit and debit subtotals for the entire system or a given account
  • Flexible configuration, monitoring and logging options
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Advanced integration options based on common protocols and formats, including SID (TMForum), SOAP (WSDL) / REST (WADL) / AMQP / memcached, XML / JSON / Google ProtoBuffer / ASN.1