Consulting and Training
Our consulting services aim to help our clients better align their IT infrastructure with their goals, objectives and processes.

With our team’s extensive experience in deploying and modernizing complex business automation solutions, we help companies make their management processes more efficient by empowering their business units and employees with cutting-edge data handling tools. Among other things, a typical project includes an audit of the company’s business processes and staff roles from a cross-functional perspective. The audit results are then used to ensure a better alignment between the units’ IT solutions and data flows and their goals and objectives, which is a great way to:

  • Modernize the management reporting processes
  • Solve management issues in the company’s business units
  • Avoid extra costs due to poor communications, lack of data or duplicate staff and business unit functions

Another benefit of a tech audit project is that it helps identify problems leading to inefficient use of systems (inadequate knowledge of the functionality, inappropriate use, too many manual processes), allows support specialists to get additional training and enables users to find out more about the technology, products and business processes that their company employs.

The assistance and support that users get following such a project facilitate smooth and seamless transition from legacy business processes to modernized ones, ensuring a noticeable improvement in efficiency. If necessary, users can at any time contact a Consultation Center and ask for help.

A tech audit helps:

  • Make documentation more readable and easier to understand and reduce the time it takes to arrive to a decision
  • Reach a consensus among all parties involved in a process
  • Streamline the requirement management process
  • Build a coherent information environment
  • Improve change management
  • Reduce costs (CAPEX/OPEX)


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