End-to-End Delivery
Unique project methodology ensuring transparency of delivery.

We developed our own product implementation methodology based on the implementation practice of over 120 projects in 14 countries. We divided the entire process into stages to make it transparent and controllable. We deliver solutions tailored to your specific business needs and objectives in line with industry-recognised best practices. We cover the core areas of implementation and deployment, including analysis and optimisation of business processes, roadmap development, joint demos, end-to-end program delivery, and solution operations and maintenance. Our impressive track record of helping businesses reach their full potential proves that our delivery services continually achieve the best results for our customers.

Our Unique Project Methodology:

  • Full transparency at each stage of the project
  • Tracking of all requirements (status, deadlines, responsible parties)
  • Specification and validation of requirements
  • Acceptance tests are linked to requirements rail (status, bug fixes, responsible parties)
  • Configurable shared live dashboards

Resource planning with customer involvement:

  • Agreed update release schedule (up to 4 releases per year)
  • Dedicated pool of resources, included in the contract
  • Businesses decide which tasks are performed first and which tasks are postponed based on their own priorities and resource management strategies

Flexible approach to development:

  • A combination of Agile and Waterfall approaches, Scrum techniques, DevOps
  • Agreed long-term development roadmap
  • Business-focused priority management