Convergent Billing Solution
Peter-Service offers a BSS solution that allows telecom operators to automate the entire set of processes involved in providing mobile, fixed and broadband communications services.

In the 20 plus years that Peter-Service has been in business, we have implemented about 120 major projects in 13 countries. In every project that we undertake, however big or small, we are committed to delivering best-in-class solutions to help telecom operators in addressing their unique set of challenges. With its breadth and depth of products, options and features, the solution covers every business process a telecom operator would normally have.

To help customers get the most out of a partnership with us, we at Peter-Service employ every technical, administrative and financial resource that is available to us, including:

  • A well-established project implementation methodology following PMI PMBOK® principles
  • An individual approach to each customer's needs and requirements
  • Prompt and reliable technical support
  • Training programs developed by Peter-Service’s Training Center to ensure efficient knowledge and experience sharing and communication
  • A flexible approach to pricing
  • Continued improvement and development of software solutions
  • A state-of-the-art production base and a well-developed infrastructure



The solution allows quick deployment and seamless scalability


Peter-Service’s BSS solution has been run by largest communications service providers in Russia, CIS countries and Europe


A flexible approach that centers on the specific needs of an individual customer


A set of built-in modules ensures a considerably faster time-to-market for new subscriber offerings and helps mitigate exposure to risks associated with the deployment of a new software solution


With its open architecture, the solution can be quickly and effortlessly customized to fit in an existing software environment and IT infrastructure


It is possible to choose any hardware vendor to leverage the existing resources


The solution provides convergence between communications technologies and service models (prepaid, postpaid, combined)


Ease of administration and high operational reliability achieved through a modular structure (no single point of failure)


New versions of the modules purchased are delivered without any extra charge (under the terms and conditions of the technical support contract)


  • Enables provision of services to existing and new customers (individuals and organizations)
  • Manages and stores customer and subscriber information
  • Maintains reference information
  • Manages customer care processes
  • Provides information to subscribers and system users
  • Maintains product and rate information
  • Provides service provisioning
  • Enables payment management and control operations
  • Enables monthly and on-demand billing and invoicing
  • Generates statistical and analytical reports
  • Supports usage-based service charging (including real-time charging via RADIUS, DIAMETER, CAMEL)

Our Customers

TT Mobile, Central Asia (MegaFon Tadzhikistan)

Peter-Service’s collaboration with TT Mobile, a MegaFon’s subsidiary in Tadzhikistan, started in 2001. At the launch stage, there were 5 thousand accounts in the operator’s subscriber base. Peter-Service’s BSS solution, a comprehensive platform intended to automate an operator’s business processes, was deployed for billing. With its advanced set of tools, the system allowed the operator to keep up with the growing subscriber base and serve it successfully.

In 2006, two other advanced Peter-Service solutions were installed. The first was used to address the problem of rating process performance, allowing the operator to apply flexible rules using user-defined functions. It enabled quick rollbacks and re-rating while charging. With convergent billing and the online credit control capability, the operator could expand the customer base by adding prepaid subscribers.

The next solution, which was a roaming support system, helped TT Mobile implement roaming charging. With the installation of an interconnect solution, the operator got a tool it needed to control its interconnection-related costs and revenues and set up complex tariff models flexibly. In 2010, a subscriber relationship management solution was added to help the operator meet subscribers’ needs and address their requests and inquiries in a prompt and efficient manner.

To improve the performance of call center operators, a package of customer service automation tools with friendly easy-to-use interfaces was introduced.

In 2014, TT Mobile’s subscriber base reached about 2.5 million subscribers. Dealing with such a base and retaining subscribers requires configuring and running marketing campaigns. To satisfy the operator’s need in such functionality, a Peter-Service solution providing real-time consumer behavior analysis capabilities was installed. At the moment, the system is used for planning various marketing activities, running them and analyzing how efficient they are in real time.


Peter-Service’s collaboration with KKTCell, a Northern Cyprus-based subsidiary of Turkcell, began in 1999. The operator chose Peter-Service as the provider of a billing solution for its postpaid subscribers. After a short time, another solution from Peter-Service was deployed to manage relationships with roaming partners in accordance with the international standards. It allowed the operator to implement a variety of roaming and financial data management scenarios.

Since 2008, the line of BSS systems was extended with a high-performance product supporting flexible rate plans. As a result, the operator could implement advanced marketing programs to improve the loyalty and ARPU of its customers.

In 2013, Peter-Service helped KKTCell organize efficient subscriber bill generation and delivery processes: before that, the operator used a non-certified system that required a lot of manual work. With the new document preparation system fully deployed, KKTCell could provide its subscribers with accurate information in the form of detailed statistics and various notices, both on paper and electronically.

In 2014, a new joined project was launched with the aim of replacing the operator’s billing systems with a convergent billing solution from Peter-Service. The postpaid subscribers have already been migrated to the solution, and now their service usage is controlled in real time; prepaid subscribers are going to be migrated from the old platform by Ericsson to the BSS solution provided by Peter-Service by the end of 2015. With the entire subscriber base fully migrated into the unified platform, KKTCell will be able to introduce any credit control measured it may need.

Gazprom Telecom

In 2012, Gazprom decided to change its approach to corporate telephony. Gazprom Telecom, a division responsible for enterprise connectivity in Gazprom, was using a legacy billing solution that did not support complex settlement schemes for dealing with mobile and landline communications providers. Microsoft Excel was used as the main calculation tool. Peter-Service offered to install its interconnect solution to allow settlement with a large pool of providers for any services and based on any rate plans, however complex.

Soon, the client changed the strategy. Having reengineered its business processes and updated its security policies, the client set the following tasks:

  1. Gazprom Telecom becomes a telecom operator for all of Gazprom’s divisions
  2. The operator implements and supports GSM and other communications, that is, deploys a MVNO
  3. The operator deploys BSS solutions

As a result, a BSS solution from Peter-Service, including convergent billing and rating modules, was chosen. It was integrated into the existing infrastructure of the operator. In 2014, the MVNO was deployed in the North West Federal District as a pilot project. After the project got positive feedback from the client, it entered a new stage. Migrating fixed-line and broadband subscribers, deploying CRM and considering M2M and DPI (traffic management) implementation options is what on the agenda at the moment.