For Fixed Operators
Peter-Service offers an integrated solution for end-to-end automation of fixed network operators’ processes.

End-to-End Integration of Financial Flows

At its core, the system has a billing and information system (BIS) that keeps track of all financial transactions between the operator and its customers. BIS integrates into the operator’s infrastructure with a set of ready-to-use components (adapters) designed specifically for the switching equipment/exchanges (over 30 vendors) and data formats used by the operator (more than 200 formats are available). Additionally, the solution benefits from a special-purpose component called CDR_SERVER that captures call detail records (CDRs) and converts them into a unified format called BIS+, facilitating the archiving, storage, processing and analysis of subscriber behavior and settlement data (DATA_ARCHIVER).


PSTN- and Broadband-Specific Features

With the rate plan management functionality that BIS provides, a fixed operator can implement a range of rates to meet its rating and charging needs, including rates for telephony, broadband and other telecom services. Postpaid customers, who pay for the services they receive after they get a bill, account for the best part of a fixed operator’s customer base. Customers are charged for services on a regular (fixed or usage-based recurring charges) or occasional (non-recurring charges that are due after a service has been provided) basis; charges may be adjusted via marketing campaigns and promotions or loyalty programs. Bills are generated by a regular billing procedure that runs across the entire customer base or by an on-demand billing procedure that is run for individual customers.



A single account for all telecom services provided to a subscriber


A wide range of supported PSTN equipment (over 30 equipment vendors)


End-to-end automation of a fixed operator’s business activities


An open architecture and a great potential for continued improvement and development


Robustness against a poor telecom infrastructure; experience in legacy infrastructure integration and modernization


24/7 technical support via a robust network of regional offices


  • Incorporates an application that allows a customer’s employees to customize the reporting functionality by editing existing document types and templates or creating new ones without having to update the system (CDM)
  • Incorporates a loyalty, marketing campaign and incentive program management system
  • Incorporates a sales force automation system
  • Provides users with My Account functionality, including spending and charging analysis capabilities (breakdowns by service type, category, time, etc.)
  • Helps improve business efficiency through revenue assurance automation tools
  • Facilitates maintenance and modification of individual applications with a modular structure
  • Allows the operator to expand and enhance the solution to meet growing business needs by providing the operator with modules implementing any functionality it may need to support its new business processes
  • Switches offline upon disconnecting from the database server and submits call records to the charging system after the connection is restored or in offline mode