Peter-Service MVNE platform is a BSS/OSS solution designed to create, host and serve any number of virtual operators while ensuring the highest level of security and control.

In developed telecommunications markets, there inevitably comes a moment when mobile penetration rates reach a point where it becomes increasingly difficult to find new active subscribers. The fight for customers is further exacerbated by the fact that, when they make a choice, users are usually driven by their opinions and emotion, not logic. Building an efficient strategy of selling mobile traffic via mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) may become a good solution to this challenge and a new development opportunity.

We have developed a solution that automates the operations of a mobile operator who plans to deal with MVNOs providing mobile voice and broadband services.

Peter-Service MVNE platform will provide your business with the highest level of security and control, allowing you not only to create and launch new MVNOs in a quick and efficient manner but also to integrate existing virtual operators. The products and components that make up the platform cover every functional area an MVNO of any level of complexity in terms of its network infrastructure (Reseller, Light or Full) may need, including:

  • Infrastructure management
  • Billing and real-time rating
  • Payments and settlement
  • Product and service management
  • Roaming and interconnect
  • Customer relationship management


Platform benefits

A variety of MVNO models (Reseller, Light, Full)

The MVNE platform can be used to attract virtual operators and, through them, to strengthen the market presence by targeting niche segments. New MVNOs may include both large-sized companies with well-known brands that would sell mobile traffic to their existing customers and small-sized resellers. The range of technology components the platform includes will provide any MVNO of any type with the infrastructure it may need.

Sub-branding strategies

With the tools the platform offers, telecom operators can set up new sub-brands to prevent potential “switchers” from defecting to competitors or to explore and test new marketing strategies before implementing them with their core brands.

MVNE services as a source of extra revenue

The MVNE platform allows a mobile operator to generate revenue not only by selling mobile traffic but also by letting others use its MVNE infrastructure. Thanks to the modular structure, solution components can be easily separated logically and made available to MVNOs for rent.

No intermediaries

Peter-Service MVNE solution can be deployed locally; in that case, your business gets access to the complete set of features without having to deal with any intermediaries. You will be able to configure and run the platform on your own as well as set up and manage new MVNOs using built-in business process templates without having to ask the solution provider for help.

A balanced total cost of ownership (TCO)

Peter-Service MVNE solution does not carry any extra (hidden) costs. Peter-Service adopts a flexible approach to MVNE platform pricing; moreover, the current economic environment allows us as a Russia-based solution provider to offer our customers even greater value in terms of pricing and strategic advantages.

Moderate hardware requirements

Peter-Service MVNE platform is a cross-platform solution that supports virtualization and has moderate hardware requirements. It can be run on inexpensive commodity x86 servers.



Case 1: Reseller

For a Discount MVNO specializing in providing services to low-income subscribers, the platform offers:

  • Branded services (packaging, SIM cards)
  • Prepaid rate plans
  • Basic services (voice and SMS);
  • Pre-billing for statistics collection and analysis along with real-time control capabilities


Case 2: Lite MVNO

For a Business MVNO set up by a large-sized company with a vast geographically distributed network of offices (banks, IT companies, government agencies), the platform offers:

  • Branded services (packaging, SIM cards)
  • Rate plan and VAS control and setup
  • A self-service portal (My Account functionality) for subscribers and partners
  • Built-in billing capability


Case 3:​ Full MVNO

For a Telecom MVNO representing a network operator (broadband and PSTN), the platform offers:

  • Branded services (packaging, SIM cards)
  • Rate plan and VAS control and setup
  • Built-in number assignment system
  • Built-in billing capability
  • CRM and self-service capabilities
  • Product and service management capabilities
  • Interconnect