Online Charging System
OCS is a comprehensive real-time charging, balance control and service management solution. It helps reduce the load on the main billing system, speed up traffic processing and enable real-time service management.

PETER-SERVICE OCS has evolved from many years of experience in developing Peter-Service’s convergent billing solution deployed by leading telecom operators in Russia and abroad. It uses several Peter-Service products as its key components, helping telecom operators handle even the most complex tasks across the entire range of communications standards and service delivery formats.



45 minutes to load after a restart (tested on a subscriber base of 18 million with 33 thousand transactions per second)


A consistently high level of reliability and performance with lower capital and operational costs

Overload Protection

Even during peak periods, only a quarter of the maximum capacity is used


1+1 redundancy ensures high availability (99.9999 per cent)


Any tariffs of almost any level of sophistication based on any call parameters or subscriber attributes


Visual monitoring tools with meaningful graphs and charts; a visual load simulation tool


  • CAMEL Phase 3 compliant
  • DIAMETER-based service management
  • Subscriber, customer and service identification before providing access to a service
  • Initial authorization and re-authorization of access to a service (determining whether a requesting subscriber is allowed access to a service)
  • Balance sharing between concurrent services
  • Tracking service usage and keeping records of services delivered in the billing system database
  • Loading to the billing system database customer, subscriber and balance updates unrelated to service delivery in real time
  • Calculating call charges based on CDRs and loading the results to the billing system database
  • Checking CDRs against CAMEL/DIAMETER data
  • Applying discounts and bonuses
  • Managing additional real-time subscriber service features (SPG, black list, live balance, prepaid lifecycle)
  • SMPP monitoring