Partner Relationship Management
A system that makes relationships with sales and marketing partners, suppliers and service providers more efficient by bringing together all the different aspects of joint activities in a single solution.

PRM offers a customizable, intuitive interface that makes it easy for users to fine tune partner incentive programs and optimize relationships with partners through better control over partner charges, reduced relationship maintenance costs and improved sales channel efficiency.



Full-scale integration with Peter-Service products and other vendors’ systems


Automation of partner relationship management processes


A single point of access to information about partner relationships

GREATER efficiency

Transparent control over charges helps reduce the cost of maintaining partner relationships


Greater transparency in relationships with partners in terms of financial and other information


Strengthened partner loyalty, prevention of unjustified claims, with each partner being fully aware of the terms and conditions and able to get access to all the necessary information


  • Maintenance of dealers, agents and partners’ reference data and settlement arrangements, allowing for additional attributes that can be set up if necessary
  • Loading of settlement arrangement templates from files
  • Partner contract management, allowing for associating settlement arrangements with and setting individual arrangement attributes for a specific partner
  • Information about partners’ subscribers; communications with subscribers with regard to packages sold to them, including manually set up communications
  • Anti-fraud: file loading and manually controlled subscriber-specific anti-fraud attributes
  • Production of settlement reports for internal use and provision to partners
  • Libraries of predefined report forms; production and maintenance of custom report forms
  • Report export to common formats (MS Word, MS Excel, PDF, etc.)
  • Calculation of partner charges and storage of calculation results (including interim ones for reporting purposes)
  • Rollback and recalculation
  • Settlement process management, including reconciliation, control, penalties and payments
  • Analytical reporting, forecasting and modeling
  • Process automation for building an efficient agreement management system
  • Centralized and unified agreement management processes across affiliates
  • A dealer portal with access to settlement details, reports, personal data and other features