Roaming Support System
RSS is a flexible tool for managing roaming partner settlement in accordance with international standards, implementing various roaming scenarios and handling financial data.

Automating a communications service provider’s (CSP’s) roaming data exchange and roaming settlement processes as well as enabling data to be shared across a group of CSPs requires the deployment of purpose-built systems certified to comply with the applicable standards and procedures. RSS, a group of software products developed by Peter-Service, provides every tool a small-sized network operator or a huge nationwide service provider may need to manage their roaming arrangements.

PETER-SERVICE RSS allows any CSP, whatever its size, to organize roaming data exchanges and partner settlement in a flexible and effective manner:

For small-sized, medium-sized and virtual network operators, it’s a terminal system with advanced capabilities
For leading national service providers with complex arrangements with subsidiaries and interconnected operators, it is a multi-purpose data exchange center with flexible configuration options



TAP, RAP, NRTRDE and RTDR implementations in compliance with the latest GSM Association’s industry-level standards

Flexible Configuration

Advanced configuration options enabling flexible customizations to suit every operator’s needs


Easy integration with any billing system; integration with a rating system by Peter-Service or another vendor


Ability to distribute the processing of data flows across multiple application servers to prioritize destinations or balance the load

Deployment Options

Single database deployment or standalone deployments of components (TAP, NRTRDE and RTDR)


Since its creation, the system has been successfully operated by major network operators in Russia (MegaFon, MTS, Rostelecom), CIS countries and abroad


  • Support for roaming partners’ reference data
  • TAP file generation and processing
  • Call data exchange with billing systems
  • Aggregated financial data exchange (RTDR)
  • Financial documentation management (invoices, credit-linked notes)
  • Real-time data exchange for fraud prevention (NRTRDE)
  • End-to-end RRP procedure implementation (RAP files)
  • Operational and analytical reporting
  • Mixed settlement arrangements based on TAP and RTDR procedure data
  • Application of zone-based rates through call re-rating
  • Transit data exchanges for dealing with subsidiary and third-party network operators
  • Roaming broker functions
  • On-demand data exports to corporate management and analytics systems