Rostelecom and Peter-Service launch a BSS transformation project

The project aims to deliver to Rostelecom a single billing system to serve its entire customer base across Russia. With its BSS transformed, the operator will unify its key business processes and centralize master data management activities across its macroregional branches.

Committed to developing and delivering innovative services, Rostelecom is working on a large-scale IT architecture transformation program. As part of the program, the operator seeks to build a single billing system that would enable it to serve its subscribers efficiently. To this end, Rostelecom is launching a project aiming to implement a unified BSS solution that will ensure unification of the operator’s key business processes. The operator has selected Peter-Service, a leading Russian telecoms software vendor, as its partner in the project.

The unified BSS solution will become a powerful tool for centralized management of subscribers across the country, ensuring a faster time-to-market for operators’ new products and offerings. With the new billing system deployed, the operator will also benefit from a lower IT infrastructure TCO and a greater flexibility in managing its workforce.

“We are excited to begin yet another large-scale project together with Rostelecom. We have an ambitious goal – to build a unified BSS solution to centralize customer service processes across the country. We hope that, empowered with the new BSS, Rostelecom will achieve greater efficiency in delivering new services and providing support to its customers,” said Igor Gorkov, CEO of Peter-Service.

“A single, unified BSS system will allow us at Rostelecom to be more ambitious in our marketing efforts thanks to a faster time-to-market. Moreover, we expect the project, once it is completed, to bring a new level of convergence. Our customers will be able to benefit from Rostelecom’s attractive bundled offerings”, said Alexander Aivazov, Vice President of Business Development at Rostelecom. “By choosing Peter-Service as our billing solution partner, we are taking a big step towards achieving digital transformation and introducing new services.”