Internet of Things Platform
Peter-Service's IoT platform is a platform in the true sense of the word. It is a cutting edge offering that includes pre-packaged, market-ready IoT applications, application enablement and connectivity management capabilities as well as a big-data analytics suite that is critical for IoT offerings and monetisation. Combined with our IoT marketplace capabilities, service providers can focus on the creation and launch of IoT products as well as the establishment of an efficient partner ecosystem that ensures commercialisation and monetisation success in any market segment.



Service providers can reap tremendous benefits by incorporating IoT into their business models. Data collected from billions of interconnected devices drives analytics-based innovations, enabling an entirely new level of connection between businesses, their clients and their environments in very differentiated offerings.



Communication Service Providers can enhance their portfolios with new digital solutions and services built on our IoT platform. A broad range of monetisation strategies gives operators the opportunity to implement new business models

Expand customer base

Vertical solutions from our IoT platform can be easily ported to customers in multiple industries, such as transport and logistics, municipal services, banking, manufacturing, and oil and gas

Build partner ecosystems

Our IoT platform is the very core of a service provider’s unique partner ecosystem. The platform facilitates collaboration between service providers and various developers, device manufacturers, and system integrators to create new IoT products and E2E solutions, which are delivered by service providers

Better decision making & improvement in efficiency

IoT data can significantly improve decision making based on analytics and increase efficiency by guiding operational adjustments. Our platform capitalises on this capability and gives customers greater transparency in managing their devices, cutting communications costs and reducing inventories


Service providers have full control over IoT data. The system provides protection and ensures compliance with security requirements through secure user authorisation and secure data storage inside the IT infrastructure

Our Customers


In 2014, MegaFon launched M2M Monitoring, a new service for enterprises and state agencies. With the service rolled out, operator’s customers got a comprehensive tool with both GUI and API for M2M SIM management, monitoring and troubleshooting. The service was built on a Connectivity Management Platform (СMP) delivered by Peter-Service who had won the tender organized by the operator. Thanks to the new service, MegaFon managed to significantly expand its reach to potential B2B and B2G customers in transport and logistics, manufacturing, utilities and security. Operator’s corporate customers, in their turn, got an opportunity to manage groups of SIMs, communications services, charging and M2M devices in real time using a graphical user interface and an API. By deploying CMP, the operator strengthened its position in the local market and, according to our estimates, will see its share of the M2M market grow up to 35% by the end of 2017.


In late September 2014, the Ukrainian operator announced the launch of the M2M Control Center, a new service for business customers, which provided a capability to control M2M SIM cards in real time. Furthermore, Kyivstar launched another service for controlling M2M SIM cards based on a solution by Peter-Service – the M2M monitoring. With all that, Kyivstar became the first Ukrainian company to roll-out this innovation service.