Peter-Service to Implement New Strategy

Interview with Igor Gorkov, CEO of Peter-Service, about the changes ahead of the company.

What were the reasons behind the need for a new company strategy?

This year, our company celebrated its 25th anniversary. We made a long journey in all these years. We were the pioneers of our niche market in Russia and, by now, reached the level that enables us to offer solutions to top CSPs. The key question to be responded through our new strategy is what goals we have, how we will develop and work with CSPs around the globe.

What are the pillars of the new strategy?

Today, we see that demands of telecoms are evolving. Driven by market modalities, we reviewed our approach to the re-scoping of all functions in the underlying modules of our products and, as early as next year, we will be able to introduce an offer that best meets the demands of our customers in a changing world. We seek to design our product portfolio in a way that enables CSPs with any subscriber base or service level to figure out how they can use our products to grow their business.

In our strategy, we also focus on the increasing challenge of working in a single market in the current conditions. Customers prefer suppliers that can offer them support in any country, capitalizing on the experience gained in various markets. As the world is getting more global, we are stepping up our involvement in projects beyond our home region.

Our transformation should deliver our customers around the world, including Tier 1 and Tier 2 operators, maximum comfort of working with us and all the benefits that our Russian clients can access today.

How is the company planning to compete with other vendors in the global market?

Many vendors that proved to be trusted earlier are now seeing the reduction of the "ability to execute" indicator. With growing complexity and duration of projects globally, operators are facing increased risks. Given that there is little difference in fundamental capabilities of BSS solutions from leading suppliers, priorities are shifting to "delivery" processes, such as implementation speed and suppliers' ability to offer "agile" service to their customers.

We have made vast progress in this area in the recent few years. We have a track record in large-scale transformation projects and we are ready to export this asset. Our progress is visible to our potential customers and they highly value our capabilities, indeed. With this, we look forward to acquiring first business with foreign Tier 1/Tier 2 operators already in 2018-2019.

What geographies Peter-Service considers the most promising, where are you planning to find first customers?

For the time being, our priorities are the countries of the Middle East, North Africa, South-East Asia, and Eastern Europe. Today, we are actively developing our partner network and engage talent having expertise in managing projects in those regions. As early as by 2018 these efforts will provide our customers in these markets a level of front-end which will remove all the barriers related to working with us as a foreign supplier. Beyond 2020, this level will be available almost to all operators in other regions of the world.

What financial results does Peter-Service expect to reach over a 3-year horizon?

We want to increase revenues from the current 120 million dollars to 200 m, with revenues from international projects being around half of this amount and margins kept at a high level for the industry.

Are you planning to enhance your HR capacities to support new projects?

By 2020, we should increase our staffing levels almost two-fold – up to 2500 employees. An extensive talent selection is already happening now, and we will enhance it, as we move forward. As for the nearest perspective, until the end of 2018 we are planning to hire around 600 specialists which is a 1.5-fold increase from what we have today.

Besides growing bigger in size, we also wish to improve quality. Presently, we are beginning to prepare our employees for working in a multi-cultural setting and English must become the principle language of communication in our company.

While before we had 1 or 2 major projects running together, most of them in Russia, in 2018-2020 horizon we will be working on 4-5 major projects – all implemented at the same time and spread geographically. These projects are extensive indeed: each of them spans several years, has high complexity, dives deep into customers' challenges and explores best solutions to address them. Every team member will be required to put maximum effort to succeed, while at the same all the employees will enjoy a window of opportunities.

We believe that our new strategy, our innovation products and global business growth will give our employees opportunities for career, professional, and personal development.