Business Consulting
Our business consulting services focus on building, streamlining and continuously improving our customers’ business processes.

We offer our customers a comprehensive range of consulting services to help their business run more efficiently. As part of these services, we conduct an in-depth analysis and audit of the business processes a customer has in place, identify why certain teams are underperforming and help the customer with recommendations on how to steer the business forward. From this, the customer gains access to a host of new opportunities ranging from successful project launches and execution to streamlined production processes and risk-free expansion into new markets.

What We Offer:

We offer companies a fresh look not only at their internal business processes but also at their relationships with customers. By engaging in business consulting projects, they can quickly improve the quality of service, build trust, foster sustainable customer loyalty and eventually deliver superior customer experience.

  • Business process modeling involves understanding and developing models of the processes taking place in the company. By creating such a process model, the company achieves a greater transparency and gets a clear view of what is happening in each of its units, identifies the most critical risks and ensures quick on-boarding of new employees.
  • Business process audit is an in-depth analysis of the company’s current processes. The audit allows a holistic view of how current processes align with the company’s operations. It help with understanding what makes the business inefficient, identifying the risks and areas that require closer attention, and the extent to which the company’s operations are standardized and regulated.
  • Business process reengineering involves redesigning the company’s processes in order to improve important indicators such as the cost and quality of projects, levels of service, and speed of response to challenges. Driven by the idea that a well-orchestrated joint effort ensures maximum results, it aims to improve the performance not just of an individual employee but also of whole teams. As a result, the company achieves overall growth across its key performance indicators, including a reduction of up to 80% in the cost of implementing an idea, faster time-to-market and minimization of the risks related to the running of the company’s processes.
  • Requirement/project management optimization aims to provide an automated solution based on the requirement and/or project management processes. It involves preparing the company for large-scale projects and ensuring that they are implemented with a high quality. Using the automated solution, the company can achieve a better level of quality in implementing commercial requirements, reduce the time required to launch products (requirements, initiatives) and ensure better idea implementation planning.