Convergent Billing Solution
End-to-end management of operators’ BSS processes.

We have a wealth of experience in end-to-end management of operators’ BSS processes. Centered on a robust charging, rating and billing core, our solution come with a rich set of modules that offer a host of opportunities. They enable operators to expand their customer bases, introduce new services, and easily modify pricing policies. They also enable them to maintain full real-time visibility across their IT environments, ensure transparency for staff, B2B and B2C customers, and provide full integration with new modules, such as CRM, PRM, third-party services, and so forth.


  • No need to keep any legacy systems
  • Integration of geographically spread operators and groups of operators
  • Transition to online billing across all segments – postpaid, prepaid, roaming
  • Full convergence of operations, with postpaid and prepaid subscribers, fixed and mobile services, parent company and subsidiaries’ operations all being handled in a single solution
  • Ability to bring to market innovative value-added services, such as mobile finance
  • Powerful subscriber loyalty management tools

What operators get:

  • Faster time-to-market for new services and sophisticated pricing models
  • Constant prevention to improve customer retention by implementing loyalty programs and introducing new, valuable services
  • A reliable, comprehensive and user-friendly suite of tools with state-of-the-art interfaces for efficient customer base, product and service management
  • Strong revenue growth from accelerated expansion and entry into new business segments



The solution allows quick deployment and seamless scalability. Up to 130 mln subscribers in one platform. More than 1.5 billion events per day


Our BSS solution has been run by largest communications service providers in Russia, CIS countries and Europe


A flexible approach that centers on the specific needs of an individual customer


A set of built-in modules ensures a considerably faster time-to-market for new subscriber offerings and helps mitigate exposure to risks associated with the deployment of a new software solution


With its open architecture, the solution can be quickly and effortlessly customized to fit in an existing software environment and IT infrastructure


It is possible to choose any hardware vendor to leverage the existing resources


The solution provides convergence between communications technologies and service models (prepaid, postpaid, combined)


Ease of administration and high operational reliability achieved through a modular structure (no single point of failure)


New versions of the modules purchased are delivered without any extra charge (under the terms and conditions of the technical support contract)


  • Enables provision of services to existing and new customers (individuals and organizations)
  • Manages and stores customer and subscriber information
  • Maintains reference information
  • Manages customer care processes
  • Provides information to subscribers and system users
  • Maintains product and rate information
  • Provides service provisioning
  • Enables payment management and control operations
  • Enables monthly and on-demand billing and invoicing
  • Generates statistical and analytical reports
  • Supports usage-based service charging (including real-time charging via RADIUS, DIAMETER, CAMEL)

Our Customers

Turkcell Northern Cyprus

Turkcell Northern Cyprus, the country’s leading mobile operator, launched a project to move all subscribers to a single platform and introduce new digital services. Peter-Service was selected for its flexible and open-architecture BSS offering, allowing Turkcell to establish a future-proof system for the digital economy as well as streamline its software stack and cut system management costs.

“With the growing use of digital services, problems started to snowball. We put our trust in Peter-Service and were not disappointed. We can now manage our assets in Northern Cyprus efficiently and prepare them for the digital age. We are continuing to work with a vendor that has demonstrated that it can deliver on complex projects. It is not only easier, but also cost-effective.” Kaan Terzioğlu, CEO, Turkcell.


“Our partnership with Turkcell validates the flexible and scalable nature of our BSS solution as well as our focus on adaptability to customer needs and execution. We look forward to working with Turkcell and helping it expand its customer base.” Alexey Volynkin, Chief Business Officer, Peter Service.

Geocell (Silknet)

Geocell, the leading mobile operator in Georgia and a former member of the Telia Sonera Group, wanted to consolidate all subscribers into a unified, future proof convergent billing platform. Peter-Service was selected as the preferred partner for this transformation project, including delivery of a convergent billing solution, data migration, and integration services. The project was completed in two phases and successful closed in December 2017 when the last prepaid customers were migrated to the new system.


"Peter-Service’s convergent billing solution has definitely proven to be the right choice for the future. Moreover, the Peter-Service project implementation team was extremely customer-oriented and professional, resulting in timely migration of both prepaid and postpaid customers. At a time when many projects in our industry are plagued by problems, I am very pleased to have found a reliable partner such as Peter-Service that is able to deliver what it promises" Mete Arig, CTO, Geocell.